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Soar- Mobius Strip, no.4.jpg

About My Work

The overall context of my early work was "Passageway." As a Korean Canadian living in Canada, I had to constantly navigate through unfamiliar passageways, facing language barriers and cultural differences. In the midst of this confusion,
I started my artistic journey with the theme of "passageway" in an attempt to find my own identity

Starting from my personal journey, the focus shifted towards the symbolic meaning of the Möbius strip, and I have held numerous exhibitions exploring this theme. Through these exhibitions, I realized that as a Korean Canadian, my identity is not separate but rather connected like a flexible link of the Möbius strip. The Möbius strip, to me, represents a symbolic expression of deep self-reflection and significant introspection that needs to be explored.

Furthermore, I believe that our lives are intertwined like countless Möbius strips of different shapes, forming a vast universe. Recent tragic events caused by natural disasters, viruses, and environmental pollution have made me feel as if human greed and arrogance are trapped within this immense Möbius strip, endlessly cycling through pain and fear. However, amidst this chaotic era, I believe that through the positive will of humanity, we can seek new hope and possibilities, coexist beautifully, and create diverse links of Möbius strips together. This is why I immerse myself in the Möbius strip. It is the foundation of my work and my calling as an artist.


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